Prescription Drug Plans

Maximize Savings With a Prescription Drug Plan Review

Original Medicare doesn't include prescription drug coverage. You can purchase a Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) separately from a private insurance company, as part of a Medicare Advantage plan, or in addition to a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan. There are many plans available that work in conjunction with your preferred pharmacy and some that are specially designed for individuals with chronic conditions. Even if you don't use prescriptions at all when you retire, there are reasons ($$) why you may still want to enroll in a bare bones Prescription Drug Plan when you first become eligible. Let us help you save money on prescriptions, or find solutions to avoid pitfalls and late enrollment penalties!

Prescription drug prices in the United States can increase dramatically from one year to the next, and Prescription Drug Plan costs can also change. Californians can avoid surprises at the pharmacy counter by reviewing their existing prescription drug coverage with Alan or DeeAnn. At any time of the year and with no cost to you, we are happy to review your existing Prescription Drug Plan and explain the benefits, or changes in drug costs. We love to teach people various ways they can save on prescription drugs all year round. Alan and DeeAnn may also uncover a more affordable plan for you, and any Special Enrollment Periods when you might be eligible for a plan switch.