Medicare Supplement

On average, Original, or "Basic" Medicare only pays about 80 percent of your Hospital and Medical bills. It is up to you to pay the other 20 percent. In a bad year, or with sometimes one ambulance ride, that 20 percent may add up to the price of a good used car! That's why so many people with Medicare opt for Medicare Supplement insurance (also known as "Medigap"). Medicare Supplement insurance, while optional, is designed to help pay for some of your out-of-pocket expenses not paid by Medicare. Waiting to buy a Medigap policy until you have a serious health condition, when it may not be possible, makes it wise to make an informed decision early. Many people keep the same policy for years.

With a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan, you still have Original Medicare for Parts A (hospital) and B (medical) coverage. A variety of standard plans are available from many solid insurance companies. Monthly premiums, deductibles, co-pays, travel coverage, household discounts, and more, can differ between plans and insurance companies.

With a Medicare Supplement plan, you'll have the flexibility to choose any Medicare-approved doctor or hospital, and your coverage travels with you nationwide.

Part D Prescription Drug coverage must be purchased separately.