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Free Medicare Consultations for Anyone New to Medicare or Already Enrolled in Medicare

Are you getting the most from your Medicare coverage?

There are a lot of reasons why you could change your Medicare coverage. Millions of Americans can change their Medicare plans year-round. Are you one of them?

You are:

  • Turning 65

  • Retiring

  • Losing group health coverage

  • Moving to a new county or state

  • Considering a new Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan

  • Qualified for Low-income Subsidy/Medi-Cal

Make an informed decision with the help of a local and licensed insurance agent.

Call, text or email today to set up a no obligation, no cost review. Virtual, phone and in-person appointments available.

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Avoid Uncertainty and Error with a Local, Licensed Agent

Born in 1957 or 1958

Learn how, when and why to enroll in Medicare, whether you're still working or not


Control your destiny by carefully choosing your supplement plan according to needs, travel, premiums and out-of-pocket costs

New Home

Easily learn if your current plan still works after you make a move, and how to switch when it doesn't

Upgrade Time

Plan for expenses like dental work, implants, eyeglasses, gym memberships and hearing aids

Losing Group Coverage

Ensure continuous coverage when your spouse retires, without incurring surprise bills, waiting periods or late enrollment penalties

Helping Someone

Discover ways to help someone enrolled in Medicare to reduce their prescription drug costs, access home or dental care, transportation, and more

Maximize Value With an All-in-One Medicare Advantage Plan

With monthly premiums significantly lower than the traditional Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans, and often lower than many stand-alone Prescription Drug Plans, Medicare Advantage plans are worth a look.

Medicare Advantage (called Part C) includes Part A and Part B coverage, including emergency coverage overseas. Most Medicare Advantage plans also include Part D Prescription Drug coverage AND a variety of valuable extra benefits. Extra benefits depend on where you live and may include dental, vision, hearing, gym membership, transportation assistance, and more.

Every Fall (Oct 15 to Dec 7), Medicare beneficiaries have the opportunity to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan on a 12-month trial basis or switch to a different Medicare Advantage plan if they already have one. If you have recently moved to a new county or state, are losing group health insurance benefits, qualified for Low-income subsidy/Medi-Cal, as you or your spouse retire, give us a call us to learn whether one of Medicare's Special Election Periods applies to you!

Maximize Flexibility With a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan

For a few dollars more, a Medicare Supplement plan (also known as "Medigap") is designed to help pay for some of your out-of-pocket health expenses not paid by Medicare. With a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan, you still have Original Medicare for Parts A and B coverage. A variety of standard plans are available. Together, our agents represent the top Medicare Supplement insurance companies in America.

With a Medicare Supplement plan, you'll have the flexibility to choose any Medicare-approved doctor or hospital, and your coverage travels with you nationwide. Part D Prescription Drug coverage must be purchased separately.

In California, Medicare beneficiaries have the opportunity to switch Medigap plans every year around their birthday. If you are new to California, have moved to an area where your Medigap plan is not accepted, or are approaching your birthday, and would like a quote, give us a call!

48% (3,025,620) of Medicare beneficiaries in California were enrolled in Medicare Advantage in 2021.


California's Medicare Advantage Beneficiaries Received Better Value and Spent on Average $2,704 Less than Beneficiaries Who Purchased Medigap Plan G.*


Maximize Savings With a Prescription Drug Plan Review

Original Medicare doesn't include prescription drug coverage. You can purchase a Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) separately from a private insurance company, as part of a Medicare Advantage plan, or in addition to a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan. In 2022, there are 25 Prescription Drug plans available in California that work in conjunction with your preferred pharmacy and some that are specially designed for individuals with chronic conditions. Even if you don't use prescriptions at all when you retire, there are reasons ($$) why you may still want to enroll in a bare bones Prescription Drug Plan when you first become eligible. Let us help you save money on prescriptions, or find solutions to avoid pitfalls and late enrollment penalties!

Get Started Today in Three Simple Steps

1 Call, text or email to request a quote or to schedule a virtual, phone or personal appointment with one of our licensed agents. Share with him or her your needs, concerns and preferences. Your agent will prepare a needs-based comparison of plan options, or suite of plans, that may best fit your health, budget and lifestyle.

2 From the comfort of your home or elsewhere, review plan summaries and other plan documents that can be delivered by email, mail or in person. Ask questions about costs, benefits, coverage, and available health care providers in your community. When ready, easily enroll in a new plan electronically, using voice, text or electronic signature.

3 Once enrolled, your agent will help you transition to your new insurance plan, remember next steps, and ensure proper billing of premiums, so you can relax and enjoy your retirement, with access to the same helpful agent year-round!


You Deserve More from Your Medicare Insurance Plan

Our plan reviews not only look for ways to save money, they uncover benefits available from plans in your area, or from the plan you already have. Plans may include extra benefits such as hearing aids, gym membership, money towards eyewear, dental coverage, prescription home delivery, transportation, and more. With a no-cost independent agent dedicated to your needs, you will receive a phone call every year notifying you of changes to your policy for the upcoming year, and offering a plan check-up to make sure the plan you chose is still the best fit for your lifestyle, budget and health.

Hearing Aids

Exams & Eyewear

Gym Membership

Dental Coverage

Talk to the Same Person Every Time with NetCare California

You don't have to make Medicare decisions by yourself. Nor do you have to navigate complex websites to ensure you enroll in the Medicare insurance plan you fully understand and best fits your needs. Because basic Medicare from the Federal government does not pay for all medical costs, nor does it pay for prescription drugs, dental care, hearing exams and hearing aids, eye exams, eyeglasses and contacts, transportation to appointments, etc., many people need help planning how to pay for the costs that federal Medicare does not cover. NetCare California is an independent broker offering multiple private insurance plans. NetCare California exists to help you understand and obtain the additional coverage that is right for you. Our consultation services are absolutely free and our enrollment assistance incurs no additional costs.

You should probably never enroll in an insurance plan with someone you have never met who calls you on the phone. Unless you are already that insurance company's client, it is illegal for them to call you. Still, many bots and telesales agents will call you, and live agents like Alan and DeeAnn often have to unravel their mess!

If you have recently enrolled in a Medicare insurance plan with someone you have never met and then never heard from again, or suddenly receiving bills that do not make sense to you, feel free to call us and we will help you take the next steps to make sure everything is okay.

Insurance Companies We Represent

An authorized licensed agent for Anthem Blue Cross, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Association.

The Agents at NetCare

DeeAnn Schuttish

Licensed Insurance Agent

CA Lic. #4049052

AZ Lic. #19549962


530-638-2273 (TTY 711)

In Phoenix: 480-382-6110 (TTY 711)

DeeAnn Schuttish is the Agent You Need to Make Choosing a Supplement Plan Easier

As a local representative educated in Medicare available year-round, I am not an 800 number or a website collecting your information for sale to agents throughout the United States. I will take the complexities of Medicare and make them simple for you. I represent only quality insurance carriers and am determined to help you find a plan that is reliable and that is the best fit for you. Many times, after a brief interview, I tell folks that the plan they have is the one they should keep.

Whether you have questions about your transition to Medicare, are conflicted between two Medicare options or many, need an explanation for something you saw in an advertisement, or you desire a professional opinion before you take your next Medicare step, I am here to help. There is no cost and no obligation to anyone seeking my advice.

I appreciate your trust and welcome your call.


University of California, San Diego, Paralegal Certificate

University of California, Davis, B.S. Landscape Architecture

Alan Parkman

Licensed Insurance Agent

CA Lic. # 4052559

AZ Lic. # 5460575

TX Lic. # 2830029

530-338-0789 (TTY 711)

707-560-1113 (TTY 711)

In Phoenix: 602-428-2273 (TTY 711)

Alan Parkman is the Agent You Need to Make Applying for Medicare Easier

As a jack of many trades, former municipal planner and father of 7 adult children, I have a practical nature and the experience to solve many health, budget and logistical problems. Spirituality, healing, teaching, permaculture and landscape design have been constant themes in my adult life. As a descendant of poets, pilgrims, pioneers, one published historian, and a few notable landowners, I have a knack for research and analysis that is particularly useful in evaluating the many plan options available to supplement one's Medicare and the patience to extract information and achieve positive outcomes from government, video conference and insurance company websites.

I represent only strong insurance companies and dedicate my analytic efforts and tailored recommendations to my clients' specific needs.

I appreciate your trust and welcome your call.


Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Certificate of Massage Therapy

University of California, Davis, B.S. Landscape Architecture

Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah

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